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MET GALA 2024: Our (possibly) Controversial Favorite Looks

MET GALA 2024: Our (possibly) Controversial Favorite Looks

I have always been a fan of the camaraderie of the Met Gala, a true masterpiece every year by Mother Wintour. There was something about this years theme that felt simple and tangible yet holds the opportunity to impress and amaze, make me scream and gawk at the the Youtube stream, and not just give us what we expected... florals. Although I did enjoy the occasional sans-groundbreaking floral gown, I was most impressed with the research & development, hidden meanings, and archival pieces. The designers and the star studded list of invitees truly seemed to care, their reasoning for each piece held weight, and the appreciation of time of each designers team was recognized. 


This may be controversial, but I didn't love Gigi Hadid's look... at first. It seemed expected in some ways while also not hitting the visual mark I was hoping for for her. Once I watched her discuss the process of the gown, rather architectural masterpiece, I was floored. FLOORED. The detailing in the beading, the suit jacket frozen in time falling off of her ever-so-petite body. Masterpiece. The transition to the Vogue World 2024 teaser gave me chills. Seeing Gigi create such iconic imagery, combining sport with fashion, is the MOST "Paris hosting the Olympics" energy. Magnifique. 


Brie Larson shocked me with how much I enjoyed her architectural tule hoop skirt. The contrast of materials while still being so complimentary with the color palette had me quite literally begging to see more angles of her. I think it was smart to keep the hair clean and minimal, contradicting such an angular piece. 

TYLA. TYLA. TYLA. This had everyone in this household (myself, boyfriend, and fashion-forward dog, Mia) in a daze. I could have stopped watching the Gala altogether after seeing this worn-sculpture. The Sands of Time came alive as she glittered with sand, her body-detailing being the star of the show. When I tell you I yelped out "THE BELLYBUTTON" so fiercely, you would only have context once seeing her ensemble, which I doubt my neighbors have and are still wondering why that was screamed. It delivers minimal yet high-impact, something I will truly be talking about for years to come. Kudos, Olivier. 


Emma Chamberlain can never, and will never, disappoint me. Not even when we learned she rips a Zyn-skie every now-and-then. A grunge, dark-and-twisty version of this years theme is exactly what I needed from Emma. She is my favorite in the deep romantic tones, pulling off a makeup look that makes me want to recreate it immediately. 

Aurora James is another one of those women that can do no wrong in my book. She has always achieved minimal timeless yet strikingly unique with such an incredible eye for detail. The Brother Vellies designer stuns me with what looks to be a leather corset, both organic and angular. Truly a work of art. 

I don't care what anyone says, Kendall completely murdered the Met stairs this year with her archival Givenchy gown, designed by Alexander McQueen. Can you imagine the serendipitous moment of trying on the never before worn gown and it fits like THAT on you. A gal can dream. She blew me away with how the low slung detailing showed off her body, her hair being perfectly undone, and how she truly awoke a "sleeping beauty" from the archives. 

I'm not a fan of the more-is-more gown for the sake of being able to say you pulled it off because, quite frankly, up until now, Rihanna is the only one who could (in my professional opinion). But when I got a quick peak of Cardi's look before an eBay Youtube Ad, I knew my eyes would FEAST but she would be the one eating. 

I wrote in my notes as I watched a dozen well-dress men in tuxedos carefully place her train around her; it felt like a notable moment in culture. I murmured "fabric smoke" as she twirled in slow-motion. 

Zac Posen created the GAP GOWN (can you believe that's even a direct quote) for the ethereal Da'Vine Joy Randolph. What got me all jacked up and excited was the contradictory victorian silhouette paired with the most commonly used fabric in America, and by GAP, denim. This gives standing jeans a whole new meaning. It pushed me over the edge with the tie to the theme, denim being dyed by the indigo flower, creating a new feminine energy around the idea of jeans. 

Last, but certainly not without controversy of opinions I can feel brewing, Kim Kardashian. I'll say it loud and proud, I am forever obsessed with whatever Kimberly does and if that is wearing a metal lace dress that cinches her waist into oblivion and then pairs it with a dingy micro cashmere cardigan, I'm on board. It was the loose, hanging on by a few tresses of hair, braid that sent me over the edge. Every detail was precisely intentional to look so careless. I find it iconic that she can wear a contradictory ensemble and it also just feel so right. 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: (That also deserve a full gushing review but their is honestly too many for my Gel-X donned hands to type out)


Not-so-Impressive Yet Still Gorgeous Picks:

Now, here is a smattering of looks from tonight that truly are gorgeous and eloquent in their own way. They just didn't make me jump off the couch with hype-woman energy. 

Looks like a bad case of fabric-flatulence.

Most gorgeous couple of all time that does not age one bit, but I'm just not a mermaid-inspired couture fan.

Feels very been-there-done-that and I expected more from her. 

If you're going to have a reason to not compliment each others looks, then by all means, own it. This just feels costume-y and unintentional together while being overly on the nose of the theme.

This is almost iconic. Is it bad that I think it looks... cheap?

Lastly, because I think you can't end any list any other way, Naomi Campbell. I wasn't overly wow-ed by your look but dear god, you are an icon we don't deserve. 


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