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We are Hellbent. 

Hellbent is a name that instills the idea of change, reckless determination, purpose, fearlessness, guts, and of course, bad-assery. We are hellbent on making sure every woman knows that they are a badass. Whether you are a single mom with three jobs, a college athlete, a young entrepreneur, or a woman still finding her way— You are a badass. We are determined to help you find that reckless yet confident spirit in you, to showcase boss women that uplift other women, and to provide high quality merchandise that you will make you feel proud to own and addicted to wearing.

Thank you for joining us on this wild ride.



The Founder

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for not only shopping the site, but making it to this page to find out more about who we are and why I started this brand!

My name is Anna Zarlinga and I am Cleveland born and now Upstate New York living. I graduated with a design degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art, "hellbent" on the idea that I was going to create a brand that would be something I was passionate about and create designs that I felt would instill ideas and thoughts that could be missing in our day to day lives. Throughout college and post-grad, I worked as a makeup artist for Sephora, MAC Cosmetics, and Chanel Beauty, learning the ups and downs of retail, and how a woman and man shop. Senior year of college, Hellbent. was born. I had no idea what she would become when I was creating her for my senior thesis but thank God we found each other. Throughout this process, I had and still have the privilege of managing a brick + mortar boutique, being in a mentorship program to learn the ins-and-outs of boutique retail and how to run my own small business in the future. Who knows, you might see Hellbent. in lights one day...


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